How to Improve Your Eyesight With 3d Pictures

3D pictures are not just for movies anymore. With the advent of 3D TV you can experience the next level of entertainment with your very own 3D TV. 3D pictures are a new and improved way to see. By using a special 3D television the picture becomes three dimensional. Now any object in the scene will be made out of three dimensions rather than two, which most people have come to think are more important.

The first step to enjoying 3d pictures on your computer, TV or cell phone is to pick up your 3d capable gadget and turn it on. You will need a computer with a graphics card as well as a stereo receiver or TV/DVD if you intend to watch movies. 3d pictures are produced by a combination of computer and photo editing software. If you don’t know either how to use these gadgets then the best place to start your search is online.

After turning on the 3d pictures feature on your new gadget you will be greeted with a screen that shows you what you are supposed to do next. Your 3d capable gadget will guide you through the various steps that are involved in getting the most from your picture. One of the main features you will be able to take advantage of is the portrait mode. This is an advanced feature that allows the user to change the background of their subject by moving their head in a slightly different angle. You can view your subject in a still position slightly different from normal or you can change the background to a portrait mode making your subject look like they are looking right at you.

You will find several other different techniques and ones you may not have even thought about on your first viewing of the 3d pictures on the screen. All of these will help to enhance the feel and look of your 3d image. Your viewing technique for 3d images will also play a large role in how well your eyes and vision adjust to the format that is being presented to them.

The depth of field feature of the 3d pictures allows the viewer to see all of the surrounding area that is involved in your subject, without losing any detail in the center. An example picture would be you standing a distance away from the subject with the camera focused directly on them. By adjusting the focus to lock onto the center of the subject you are able to get a much more complete 3d photo. Some of the other effects that the depth of field effect can have is the ability to make objects appear closer or further away, a 3d photo with the effect is also known as a no-depth-field effect.

Another way that you can use these 3d pictures to your advantage is with the stereograms. Stereograms are images that are made by projecting the pictures you are looking at in a stereo-type format over the screen of your television. Your right and left eye will each be viewing the image from a slightly different angle, this is done in order to give you a better idea of where your eyes should be looking. You can adjust the stereogram so that both eyes see the same amount of the picture. For example, if you are looking at a picture of two trees then you can adjust the stereo so that you are looking at the trees from a right eye, and then change it so that your left eye is looking at the picture from a left eye.

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