Photo Keychain For Your Special Day

Create a magical memory with the help of the 3D Crystal Photo Keychain. These beautiful keychains have a magical touch and are sure to make a perfect gift on special occasions. There are several types of crystal keychain, which you can choose from. You need to keep the following things in mind while selecting the keychain for your special occasion

Shipping & returns: While purchasing the keychain, you should ensure that it is safe for use. Shipping & returns can be checked before you finalize the deal. If you want to send the keychain with the post, then you should provide your address with your name along with the shipping details and your return address. Also you need to verify the return shipping information. Only Up to Two Persons or Pets can be placed on the personalized 3d crystal keychain.

Photos: The photos and images that you have selected must be in the format of a JPEG file. Some photos may be not supported by some computer software. Please check the compatibility.

Embossing: The crystal photo keychain that you select must be of a higher grade than the one you currently have. The process of embossing is done by adding the ink with the help of a squeegee onto the surface of the crystal photo. The photo will be encased in a clear crystal encasing and will look more beautiful

Personal touch: You should choose the keychain that has a personal touch with a touch of elegance. The personal touch can also be done by adding a photo of yours. In addition to this you can also have the choice of changing your photos or your name on to the photo. This will give a personal touch to your keychain and make the photo more meaningful for you. If you do not have a very attractive photograph, you can get a personal photo printed on it and place it on to the keychain.

By using the photo keychain, you can make your special day very memorable by sending it with your name engraved on it. This will not only make you happy but also give a perfect and elegant impression to your gift.

You can also add some other useful and important information like the date and time of your wedding and your place of stay at the wedding. You can also provide your contact number so that your loved ones can reach you on time

The personal touch and elegance can be easily achieved by using a photo keychain. The price of the photo keychain depends upon the type of picture and its quality. So, it can be quite expensive if it has a high quality picture.

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